Helping Potty Training Kids with Autism

We talk to parents almost every single day who are all working towards the same goal. Potty training a child with autism. Autistic children present a variety of unique sensitivities and personalities that cause each families though process to apply information in a different way. In the next coming weeks I will be putting together a free guide to help parents try new things and think through the potty training process as it suits their needs. If you want this guide delivered to you when it's ready please sign up for our Cloth Curious Guide. This will put you on the distribution list for our publication; Help Potty Training Children with Autism.  In the meantime, switching to cloth underwear is always step #1 when potty training kids with autism. It is far more likely that the brain-bpd connection will be created when your sensitive child is in cloth training pants rather that a disposable diaper. Our Special Needs Waterproof Underwear are absorbent, trim, discreet and comfortable. If you ant to try them before you commit please see our rental section.