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Stop Bedwetting by Training the Brain!

Cloth Bedwetting Pants Provide Sensory Feedback That Trains The Brain To Stop Bedwetting.

*Plastic diapers are expensive - Costing $10-15 every week, with no end in sight - and keep you bedwetting for longer!*

Super Undies Bedwetting Pants let your kiddo feel the wetness. This sensory feedback is crucial for training the brain to associate the feeling of wetness with the need to wake up and use the toilet. Over time, the child's brain begins to recognize this connection - and bedwetting stops. And this process works for toddlers through teens :)

Brain Training Bedwetting Pants 3-Pack

$13499 $14997

127 reviews

Called “Brilliant” By Parents Magazine

If you wonder if these will leak - let me give you the formula for a successful dry morning.

If ‘absorbency power’ is equal to or greater than ‘child’s wetting power’ you’re good!  With Super Undies Brain Trainers progressive absorbency, you can ensure a dry morning by over powering your kiddos wetting habits. It could take a few days to get there, but it is Oh So Worth It!

To NEVER buy diapers again

To NEVER have a wet bed

To NEVER wash sheets again! (Except on their regular rotation)

And the best part of all

To STOP BEDWETTING by Training The Brain!

Customer Reviews

Based on 127 reviews
Elisha G.
Great quality and absorbency

We purchased these for our 4 year old special needs child who was 44 lbs as a replacement for disposables at night. These have worked great and allowed our kiddo to sleep through the night without wetness or chafing. There is a little bit of shrinkage due to the cotton material, but overall these are a great product and would recommend to anyone looking for an alternative to disposables.

No more wet furniture!

I purchased size 2 for my 3 year old (who is middle weight for his age), but they also fit my skinny 4 year old. During the day I use just the chameleon undie for my 3 year old who is potty training and treats a pull up just like a diaper. He isn't as displeased as I would have hoped with the wet feeling, but the carseats and furniture are do not require daily washing due to accidents. These are well worth the money for how much less stressful accidents have gotten for me! These also wash well - I have been washing daily per the instructions for about a month and they work as well as ever. I also use the product over regular diapers at night (my kids are both heavy wetters) and I no longer have to wash the bedding daily which is a huge win.

Works for nap and bedtime!

We switched from our cloth prefolds with covers to these for bed and naptime once our 2 year old was potty trained during the day. She said these were a lot more comfortable and she doesn't pull at them like she started to with her regular cloth diapers. It's great that you can add as much absorbency that is needed. Wonderful!

Trella Oyler
These are fantastic!

These are fantastic! Work very well for my 5 yr old. I’m not changing sheet, and that’s awesome!

Great customer service

I had to exchange a set of unused super undies size-4 and the process was simple and easy. They sent me what I needed and the exchange was shipped quickly. Even though I measured the undies were big. Great to be able to exchange them.