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Special Needs Waterproof Underwear; Tux


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Special Needs Underwear is a highly effective solution for diapering and potty training kiddos with special needs, designed with comfort and protection in mind. Its trim fit and waterproof design with microfiber absorbency provide optimal protection while enabling maximum comfort and ease of movement. Tux can also accommodate additional liners when extra absorbency is needed.

Its unique design and high-performance fabrics make it the ideal transition tool - waterproof and breathable at the same time. Its unique design will help your child feel wet and master the process of toilet training.

Waterproof Undies Features:

  • Waterproof through the wet zone, front and back
  • Slim and trim appearance
  • *NEW* boxer/brief style waistband for discretion, even if they peak out. Lifestyle photos do not reflect this change, but product photos do.
  • 2 layers of built-in microfiber absorbency 
  • Internal pocket to add more absorbency.