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Trainer to mini-diaper with

The Training Insert

One of the best features of our Fearless Training Pants is the ability to adjust the absorbency.

We've all had those days when we want to quit potty training. One time I was cleaning up after sick kids, one time I was sick myself, but whatever the reason is, it's important to NOT QUIT.

Switching from trainers to diapers shows a level of inconsistency that your genius toddler will capitalize on!

But now you can just use an insert. Your Super Undies are now training pants one day and a mini diaper the next. Brilliant!

It's Like Training Wheels For Your Undies!

You don't have to worry about how long potty training takes. You can confidently DITCH DISPOSABLES when you have our Fearless Trainers and some Training Inserts!

Don't Be Nervous About Potty Training

Punch Potty Training Fear in the Face withour FEARLESS Trainers!

10 Packs Come With 5 Free Training Inserts *34.95 Value!* 💰

And Get Our Online Class For Free With A 10 Pack!

AND Get Laura's Book (again, FREE with a 10 Pack)

Fearless Training Insert

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