Special Needs Underwear

Incontinence? Your life got complicated.

You were told that disposables like Attends, Tranquility and Curity were the only way. 

You were lied to.

What if you  could actually manage bladder and bowel incontinence without ever going to the store again? Without ever trying another brand to test its absorbency? Without ever searching for an online coupon code to shave a few bucks off the never ending cycle? What if you could have fresh, clean, new cloth underwear every morning, that’s waterproof AND absorbent. 

 Cloth Curious Guide

You found the next clue and I'm happy to say,
there are just a few more - so continue to play! 
If your Nighttimes are wet and a moist morning comes
I assure your these Trainers work well for your bums!
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