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Cloth Pull-ups for Bedwetters; Bedwetting Pants

Hero Undies are a wonderfully waterproof, super absorbent pair of cloth oull-ups for bedwetting that would take a super power to leak out of. 

Hero Undies Bedwetting Pants feature:

*360°  Internal Waterproof Gusset

*Flexible Absorbency System. Use the larger Snap-in insert for night wetting – Add in the included Step-up Insert for moderate to heavy wetting – Add in an extra Step-up Insert for even MORE protection!

*Waterproof Tabs for Side Sleepers

*Snap-in/Snap-out soaker pads for thorough washing and quick drying

*Pull-up style is less like a diaper

*Washable and Reusable Bedwetting Pants replace your need for Good Nites or Under Jams

Potty Training at Night

It can take a child’s body three to six months of being daytime potty trained to naturally figure out potty training at night . You can consider yourself in the “night training” phase at this point. Our Nighttime Undies are cozy and fuzzy. They feel good to wear and provide excellent absorption to get you through the night. 

Special Needs Diapers; Security Beyond the Home

We want our children to be confident in themselves and give them the tools to successfully navigate the world beyond the home, but there are challenges when handling child incontinence. 

(1) We are afraid of diapers leaking

(2) We are afraid of a disposable diaper becomes visible to others.

Both can lead to peer judgement. 

Super Undies has developed Special Needs Diapers that tackle both issues. We call them "Waterproof UnderwearIn addition to providing waterproof, cloth, reusable solutions,  we offer fun colors and prints to help draw your child in. But the best feature has to be a boxer-style elastic waistband to ensure that this area of your life remains private, even if it peeks out. 

Easy Stress Free Potty Training

The last thing you need is to be stressed out while potty training. 

Super Undies and Special Undies are waterproof underwear with light padding, to absorb what you need them to. And the best part? When there's an accident, and there will be plenty, wetness doesn't just ooze out! 

Wetness stays soggy against your child's skin, building the brain/body connection and helping your child to learn through natural consequences.