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You can easily spend $1000 on disposables, because bedwetting can last for years. For less than $150 it's solved forever.

Why Ditch Disposable Diapers?

reusable bedwetting diapers

The Waste

Super Undies can be washed with normal loads of laundry, making them just as convenient as disposables, without all the trash.

They Can Leak

Disposables have fixed absorbency, so you are powerless against leaking. Our absorbency is exandandable.

Big kid who wets the bed

Kids Hate Wearing "Baby Diapers"

Shame sets in when a young man feels like he can't get out of the same baby diapers his little brother is wearing.

There IS a Better Way!

Bedwetting Diapers

PARENTS Magazine call these "Brilliant!

Comfy fleece wrap the legs, while heavy duty waterproofing on all sides redirects wetness to the inner absorbency. 

Bedwetting Diapers

Waterproof Leg Gussets

If your bedwetting solution doesn't have them, then you're wasting your time.

Bedwetting Diapers

Outrageous Absorbency

Your kiddos 'pee-pattern' is as unique as them, so why settle for a one-size-fits all solution that might not work? Adjust your insert to catch that wetness!

Not All Cloth Bedwetting Gear Is the Same

Special Needs Diapers


Others size up each year, but each size of Super Undies can last 3 years of growth!

No Wicking!

If you have a pair of p-ajamas with a "built in" diaper, chances are they will leak. Wicking happens when the wrong fabrics are used, or compressed too tightly.

Bedwetting Diapers

Leg Gussets

Again, its that simple. If the cloth option you are considering doesn’t show you gussets on the inside of the pants, then you’re not getting them and you WILL regret it.

FREE Bedwetting Help Course, $29.95 Value with purchase of a 3-pack, or get single units below 😃

Chameleon Undies Bedwetting Pants


92 reviews

Ditch Disposables for our Overnight Bedwetting Underwear!

Save Money, Stop Washing Sheets, and Save The Planet :)

reusable cloth waterproof overnight diapers for kids who wet the bed
big kids wet the bed bedwetting pants, nighttime underwear
overnight bedwetting diapers and nighttime underwear
  • Fully Waterproof
  • Absorbent Inserts INCLUDED!
  • Easy wash and fast dry times😎
  • Waterproof gussets on ALL SIDES redirect wetness to the padding, which LOCKS that water in place! NO LEAKS HERE, BABY!

Each pair of Chameleon Undies comes with our 360° gusseted shell, a contoured double layer liner and a flex-fold liner.

Bedwetting Underwear and Overnight Diapers

Buy a 3 Pack

bedwetting help how to stop bedwetting class

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Customer Reviews

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How Absorbent Are These?

Compare the absorbency levels of our various diapers agaisnt each other. You can always add in a Step-up Insert to boost that soaking power!

Does Cloth Really Save Money?

Check out the investment above on what people spend on disposable diapers vs cloth. Remember, you get less diapers per pack as the size increases!

Bedwetting Diapers

What If These Leak?

Chamelon Undies were made to move with your child. Your kiddo's pee pattern is as unique as them, and our absorbency system accomodates whatever they can pee out! If your undies are leaking just add more absorbency!

What if they don't fit?

Just email us for return instructions and grab another size. BUT our patterns are pretty generous, fitting a child for up to three years, so chances are it will fit 😉