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Extra Padding & Accessories

Whatever you call them, these are pads that boost the absorbency of your diapers.

Soaker Bombs

This three layer microfiber insert generously increases the absorbency of your undies. It can be used length-wise to boost the overall absorbency of any pair of Super Undies or set off a "soaker bomb" by folding it in half and using it only in front, where boys need it most!

Suitable for

Waterproof Undies &

Brain Trainers

Step Up Inserts

The difference between the Soaker Bombs and the Step-up Inserts are two-fold. 

1. Layers - Soaker bombs are 3 layers, folded in half for a whopping 6 layers of microfiber absorbency when folded in half, While Step-up Inserts are 2 layers.

2. Shape - Step-up Inserts have a contoured shape to them, making them lay trimmer and more natural in the underwear. If you want to stack two inserts, the step up inserts will give you a better fit.  

The Training Pad

This is your base layer insert for that is built into the Brain Trainers. It is three layers of super absorbent microfiber absorbency – sewn flat for a trim, perfect, contoured fit.

Add an extra one to instantly double the absorbency. Simply slide the insert into the Brain Trainers pocket. 

*This Insert Is Already Built in to All Brain Trainers *

The Flat Insert

Sometimes you just need to step up the absorbency, and that's where the flat comes into play! This versatile wash-cloth style insert is made from 100% (super thirsty) microfiber absorbency. Fold it anyway you need for maximum, customizable protection :)

*This Insert Is Included With Every Brain Trainers Purchase*

The Training Pad

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Step-up Insert

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The Flat Insert

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Kangacare Wetbag

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