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5 Pull-on Waterproof Undies w/Inserts!

$17400 $20950

5 Pull-on Waterproof Undies w/Inserts! - Aqua / Size 1 is on it's way in. Please allow extra days for shipping.

Our Waterproof Underwear Potty Training Pants are specialized bigger kid trainers that are made to order.

These packs will give you 5 pairs, with 2 matching inserts. Orders typically ship within 2 weeks. 

Choose from 5 of one color/print, or a variety pack, in which we will curate color combinations for you based on your selections and possible in-stock items, guaranteeing you the fastest ship time.

Soft, Comfortable and Trim

If you need waterproof underwear that are padded and can catch an accident, you've got it. These Undies are trim with a low profile that fit under clothes. They sport a normal waistband, making sure no one knows what they are if they peak out. And of course, there is absorbency already built in.

Our pull-up training pants for incontinent kids with special needs can be used for delayed potty training, daytime diapering, and as a waterproof bigger cloth diapering option. If you need a bigger diaper than the size 7 found in grocery stores for teen incontinence, this could be your answer! Super Undies specializes in helping with potty training autistic children by providing the necessary feeling of wetness.

It is difficult to wrap your head around what we make here, but let's try. This product is like underwear, because it pulls on and off. The colored part is all waterproof, and the sides where you see white are stretchy and hug the hips nice and smooth. So it's like underwear, but inside it's pretty different. It's actually more like a diaper. It has built in absorbency and a pocket that you can use to add more Step-up Inserts to if you need more padding.

We hear from our customers that they use these underwear for so many reasons! Kids with autism, delayed potty training, spina bifida, angel man's syndrome, Chiari malformation, neurogenic bladder, voiding dysfunction, and many other reasons. We even make waterproof and absorbent undies on steroids for big kids, teens and adults! People come to us and find a lifetime solution. No matter how long the issue will last that causes you to seek our help, we are here for you. From toddler through 50" waist, we've got you covered!

Waterproof Undies Features:

  • Waterproof through the wet zone, front and back
  • Slim and trim appearance
  • *NEW* boxer/brief style waistband for discretion, even if they peak out. Lifestyle photos do not reflect this change, but product photos do.
  • 2 layers of built-in microfiber absorbency
  • Internal pocket to add more absorbency.

Waterproof Undies may seem pricey, but you would be VERY surprised at how much you can save by switching to cloth.

If you're not sure that cloth is right for you, check out our Cloth Curious Guide. This will help you make an honest assessment on whether or not cloth can benefit your family :)