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Special Needs Waterproof Underwear


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Special Needs Waterproof Underwear - Aqua / Size 2 is on it's way in. Please allow extra days for shipping.

Soft, Comfortable and Trim Special Needs Diapers

You are an awesome researcher and you're great at finding the best tools for your family's needs. Maybe you're struggling with sudden accidents or constant rashes. Maybe disposables are scratchy, or you're tired of worrying how your child will be perceived if someone notices they have a diaper on.  Is there anything better out there? I say yes. Yes there is. 

Our pull-up training pants for incontinent kids with special needs can be used for delayed potty training, daytime diapering, and as a waterproof bigger cloth diapering option. If you need a bigger diaper than the size 7 found in grocery stores for teen incontinence, this could be your answer! Super Undies specializes in helping with potty training autistic children by providing the necessary feeling of wetness. Our Waterproof Underwear Potty Training Pants are specialized bigger kid trainers that are made to order.

Waterproof Undies Features:

  • Waterproof through the wet zone, front and back
  • Slim and trim appearance
  • *NEW* boxer/brief style waistband for discretion, even if they peak out. Lifestyle photos do not reflect this change, but product photos do.
  • 2 layers of built-in microfiber absorbency
  • Internal pocket to add more absorbency

Waterproof Undies may seem pricey, but you would be VERY surprised at how much you can save by switching to cloth. And the saving just gets better in the second year! Did you know that a child can typically last up to three years in one size of undies?

Model Waterproof Undies
Style Pull up and down
Use Case Daytime Diapering, Swim Diaper, Waterproof Underwear, cover over disposable, Nap time, Nighttime with 1-2 inserts
Tabs Stretchy Lycra
Absorbency Two layers built in microfiber
Capacity S 200ml | M 250 ml | L 280 ml | XL 340 ml
Waistband Boxer Style Elastic
Compatible with Inserts Step-up Insert, Soaker Bombs
Materials Outer Shell: 100% Polyester fused with PUL
Inner Liner: 100% Polyester
Built in Absorbency: Polyester