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How To Use Brain Trainers for Overnight Bedwetting


How to use Brain Training Bedwetting Undies

Here's How Our Magic Brain Training Method Works...

  • Use cloth bedwetting pants specially designed for heavy wetting (Super Undies Brain Trainers)
    This will ensure all wetness stays on the inside of the diaper - providing heightened sensory feedback.

  • Sensory Feedback provides necessary neuro-stimulation to help the sleeping brain wake up

  • Every three weeks we ask that you diaper the bed rather than the child. Do not use any diaper protection and let them pee the bed.

  • This change in the bedwetting pattern feeds the brain new information, which strengthens the brain-to-body connection.


    Overtime your child will start to wake up dry 🤩 
    This gradual and effective process works for kids, whether they are four or fourteen.

    Super Undies new Bedwetting Brain Training Diapers are the best overnight bedwetting option out there. These cozy big kid diapers are Reusable and Washable, saving you money night after night! Every pair of Brain Trainers comes with built-in absorbency and an extra liner, that cleverly allows you to customize how your Undies perform.

    Need them trimmer? No problem!

    Have a heavy wetter? We Got You!

    Brain Training Undies are a direct replacement for UnderJams or GoodNites. They are very waterproof nighttime underwear, and have absorbency that allows you to adjust to your child's needs. Whether your bedwetter is a leaky faucet or a fire hose, Brain Trainers can adapt for a good night's rest!

    Studies show that as your child gets older it is important to embrace this area with workable and practical solutions. Kids need to know that they are being seen, heard and cared for. Ignoring bedwetting all together and quietly providing a disposable larger baby diaper can have lasting effects on a child’s self esteem. The truth is one in every four kids in a first grade classroom are still wetting the bed! By the time boys are 7, one in ten are still wetting the bed. This problem is bigger than you thought. Your kid is completely normal!

    *Strong Waterproofing* Super Undies are made with PUL, which is a thinly laminated non-wicking fabric. PUL has a soft drapey feel to it, is waterproof in nature, but allows more breathability than disposable diapers. Waterproof gussets line the legs of these Undies, locking in the wetness.

    *Adjustable Absorbency* Underwear for night time potty training and bedwetting should be very absorbent and accommodate whatever your child can put out without leaking, but still allow the child to feel wet. This helps create the brain/body connection necessary to work through nighttime potty training, and that's exactly what our Chameleon Undies do!

    *Handmade in America* We are hand-made in American by moms, right out of their home. They are provided with industrial sewing machines, and they are tested for expert skill. Working from home allows them to provide an income for their families, while still being with their babies :)

    Ways To Adjust The Inserts 



    What is a gusset?



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