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Potty train with what works..
Not Disposables 🤣

Waterproof Underwear for kids with special needs

Adjustable absorbency

padding is included, but beef these babies up to be a full on diaper if needed!

Waterproof Underwear for kids with special needs

Snap off!

For those accidents we knew might happen.

Potty Training Autism

Works as a diaper until YOUR ready to potty train

Potty Training Autism - Special Needs Diapering

Even if your kiddo is big, we've got them covered. 🥰

Potty Training Autism

You're going to LOVE our diapers! 😍

Just Like These Folks Do

Great for special need children

Great fit and protection that gets him out of disposable pull-ups which he doesn’t need, but offers more protection than underwear which he does need. My child is special needs, 84 lbs and I ordered size 4.
Lytice on April 12th
The underwear has increased my autistic daughters confidence and motivation to use the restroom.
Holly on Jan 0th
We just received them today and I could not be happier! They fit perfectly and he does not pull at them like they are uncomfortable. My son is 95 pounds and is 5’5”. We chose size 3 since he has such a small waist.
Hope on Sept 14th

Waterproof Undies w/Snaps


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