Waterproof Undies w/Snaps


Our Snap-on Undies have the following features…

  • Waterproof Wet zone – Whew!
  • Stretchy Side Tabs – Your hero can operate them himself!
  • Inner absorbency – But not too much or we miss the mark
  • Hidden pocket – Whew! Now we can add more absorbency in these instead of going back into a diaper.
  • Front snaps for quick and easy access
  • Low profile trim waist and leg elastic
  • Hand crafted in the Untied States with fabrics milled in America

The entire body of our Waterproof Underwear is made from local waterproof laminate that is safe for sensitive users. No latex, rubber or vinyl is used in the making of these underwear.

Safe plastic heat-safe snaps create the best way to quickly and cleanly remove used adult diapers. Coupled with a spray-pal outfitted in your bathroom, you can swiftly care for your cloth. 

This product is the best cloth option for bowel incontinence. 

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