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Potty Train Big Kids with Undies That Work,
Not Disposables 🤣

Waterproof Undies w/Snaps; Cupcake Queen


Introducing Waterproof Undies w/Snaps from Super Undies: the safe, easy and adjustable option for diapering kiddos with special needs. Our Undies feature snaps for secure fastening, allowing for quick removal. Constructed with  soft and sensory safe seams. these undies provide comfort and waterproof protection. Adjustable absorbency helps with concerns of over-saturation.

ur Snap-on Undies have the following features…

  • Waterproof Wet zone – Whew!
  • Stretchy Side Tabs – Your hero can operate them himself!
  • Inner absorbency – But not too much or we miss the mark!
  • Hidden pocket – Whew! Now we can add more absorbency in these instead of going back into a diaper.