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EVERYTHING for potty training under $200?

How To Potty Train course included 🤩

Fearless Potty Training Pants; For Hassel-free Potty Training! 💪


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Why Are These Potty Training Pants FEARLESS?

Because they are waterproof, and stuffable. It's that simple. These trainers make it safe for you to enter into the unknown world of potty training.  How long will it take?? What could happen?? What kind of mess could be made?? What if my kid leaks everywhere?? What if we have to go to my snooty friend's house and my kid has an accident?? 

Waterproof trainers, baby.

Car seat? Saved. Couch? Saved. 

AND they come with enough absorbency to hold half a pee - which means natural consequences for your child. Need more absorbency? Just stuff it. 

Add an insert to boost these babies into a mini-diaper in no time. 

It's a lot better then "pee-right-through-'em" trainers 😂

Potty Training Pants That Work For YOU!

If you've been potty training with disposable pull-ups, then you know that they don't work! There is no wet sensation, and most importantly, no natural consequence for not making it to the toilet. It's literally a "crapshoot!" Get it??

But not these, baby! Our Potty Training Pants cause your kiddo to feel wet, which is absolutely necessary to build the brain-body connection when potty training. This is one of the only ways you can help teach through natural consequences, right? That kiddo needs to feel wet!

If you've been using cloth diapers, then you know that reusable cloth is an excellent, safe way to go, but in order to transition to potty training, you've got to change something. That's where we come in. Super Undies Potty Training Pants mimic underwear with their low profile. We don't use cloth diaper sewing techniques. We've crafted a design specifically for Potty Training Pants, making them look like underwear.

The Biggest Benefits Our Trainers Offer...

Stay right here and watch our quick 90 second video on how these trainers work. You'll see how thick they really are, how their inner pocket system works, how stretchy they really are, and above all, why switching between trainers and diapers is dangerous.

These Cloth Training Pants Are Safe For Your Home

That's right, we've got Waterproof Potty Training Pants. Aside from potty training faster with that brain/body connection stuff, waterproof trainers make a bad mess manageable, and a terrible mess from getting worse! Poop in a grocery store? All good.And they don't come with the absorbency of a diaper like disposable and other trainers. That means that if your kiddo pees in these, all that wetness will pile up on their side, creating a "squishy booty" affect. This is exactly what we want when potty training!

These Potty Training Pants That Can Be EXACTLY What You Need Them To Be

Super Undies come with a "barely there" internal pocket that can hold inserts. But Laura, you said a trainer shouldn't be too absorbent, why would I need an insert?

Because the most important thing when training is that you ditched the diapers. We are talking no more diapers all together but that can be very difficult when you know you're going through an airport, or you're going to be in the car for 30 minutes, or you or your child are sick.

Pretty much whenever you feel like you want to go back into diapers, use an insert! You can even try these trainers at night with an insert or two. Although they aren't developed for overnight use, They might work for nap or nighttime.

They also save you money, and give you JUST what you need to potty train.

Our trainers look like Undies - We don't use a rectangle as our base, like disposables and other cloth diapers do. Our contoured sleek pattern curves around the legs so these Potty Training Pants sit like real underwear.

We Promote Independence - And isn't that what potty training is all about? These potty Training pants have stretchy side tabs that allow kids to easily pull them up and down by themselves, empowering them to own their potty training journey with less help from you. You're welcome!

We Make It Safe To Be Consistent - And that's the name of the game, my friends! Consistency is key to potty training. One of the worst things you can do when potty training is flip between diapers and trainers. This tells your kiddo, "We'll be potty training when I feel like it, okay?" Or, "I'm not sure you can do this, so we're just going to diaper you when we go to the store..." No, no no, don't do that.

How To Potty Train - Free in ANY Potty Training Pack!

I have put together a How To Potty Train e-course, and I'm giving it away for free with any purchase of a Super Undies training pants package deal! This course should set you up with everything you need in order to potty train successfully. If not, please let us know! My heart is to help and serve other mamas. Yes, we sell trainers as well, but finding a great, trim pair of padded waterproof undies is a bonus! Why? Because waterproof undies are better than "pee-right-through-them" Undies. LOL! If you're not ready to commit to a small army of training pants, you can buy the course for just $19.95 HERE.

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