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How Do I Use Training Pants?

I recommend having a focus on potty training for 1 week. 2-3 days with no diaper or trainers, then a follow-up 3-4 days with training pants and a heavy consistency towards potty training. 

When you are ready to potty train begin the dialogue with your child and set expectations in the right place. Pick a date on the calendar and review that day daily, showing your child that you are getting closer to being OUT OF DIAPERS. Introduce them to the training pants and explain that these are the new underwear to use, and that they won't act like a diaper.

When the day of no-more-diapers arrives, put your child on a mini-potty as soon as they wake up and catch the morning pee. This starts you off with success and demonstrate where they will pee for the foreseeable future. 

Stay home and diaper free for 3 days, trying to catch every pee and rewarding for any little success (even a drop in the toilet!)

After that they wear training pants. 

For sensitive children who need slower transitions, begin with an insert set in the trainers. For the first day or two, use an insert. This reduces the shock of peeing and leaking onto yourself, which can cause a set-back for our super sensitive kiddos. 

For typical adjusted kiddos, use the trainers with no insert. Inserts will be reserved for nighttime and car rides/outings.  

At this point you can expect your child to be in training pants for 1-6 months while your kiddo masters the art of urge sensation, and the motor skills necessary to get to the toilet and undress.


Your child will use their trainers as a diaper at first, out of curiosity. Our human nature is to test things, and your child is no different. But great news! Super Undies Fearless Trainers will make the child feel wet and give them a squishy-booty feel that diapers never did! This will immediately begin the brain-to-body connection, and start to teach your kiddo about natural consequences. 


How to Use Inserts: 

One Step-Up Insert is perfect for… The introduction period to Super Undies™

Going from a diaper to a thin training pant could shock a child if they leak the first time they use it. This could cause them to not like their new "Big Kid Undies." Use one insert for some extra absorbency, and talk to your child about what might happen if they go potty in these without making it to the toilet, in the car or at the park.

Of course, there are times when you simply MUST have more absorbency. If you’re heading to the mall or on a one-hour car trip, you need to know you are covered. The best thing about Super Undies™ Fearless Trainers is that you can go from an attitude of serious potty training to safely needing a break, all with consistency. By adding an insert these trainers go from serous training pants to padded Undies to mini-diaper in a flash! 

My child was fully potty trained at 25 months, but he peed every 45 minutes. That made it very difficult for me to go somewhere, and unfortunately, my guy was very embarrassed when he wet himself. It’s not their fault we can’t always get them to a toilet, but having Super Undies on can save the embarrassment of wet pants.

Use Two Step-Up Inserts… At nap time

Children usually have a rhythm or pattern to the times they go. They will normally pee just after waking up or just before waking. Use two step-up inserts if you notice your child waking up very wet. Keep a good eye on their potty habits, though, because if you can lessen the inserts to one, then you have a better chance at potty training faster. You can track their potty habits with our Potty Tracker.

For young children just starting to potty learn
If your child is under two years old and you want to start trying to potty train, change the diaper out for Super Undies™ Fearless Trainers stuffed with two inserts. This will give you the daytime security of a normal cloth diaper while you begin the process of “wet-awareness.” Talk to your child often about the potty, peeing, where it happens, and start changing him in the bathroom. Even if you think your child does not understand all you are saying, stay in constant communication about potty matters. After a small period of time (a week of two) reduce the number of Step-Up Inserts from two to one. Continue this process until natural consequences begin to make your child uncomfortable with peeing in his pants.