Tiny Kiddo Size Chart

Use this size chart for Super Undies Pull-on Undies, potty training pants. You can find them here... 

Bigger Kiddos Size Chart

Chameleon Undies 

Waterproof Undies

Snap-on Undies

bedwetting underwear size chart for Super Undies

Adult Undies Size Chart

Use this chart for Super Undies Bigger Sized Nighttime Undies, Adult Snap-on Undies, Daytime Diapers, and Protective Briefs.  

Line up height and weight measurements here to help determine your size.

Adult Nighttime Undies

Adult Protective Briefs with Snaps

Basic Briefs

Protective Briefs

Close to or in between sizes? Compare height and pants size here to drill down on the best fit.