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Ditch Disposables!

Big kid who wets the bed

Kids Hate "Baby Diapers"

Those plastic diapers a two year old wears won't cut it for a big kid.

reusable bedwetting diapers

Save Your Money

You're buying diapers and throwing them away, so you're really throwing away your money.

bedwetting underwear for 7 year olds

We got you covered

It doesn't matter how big your kid gets while bedwetting, we've got your size.

You can't control everything


With Chameleon Undies

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Chameleon Undies 3-Pack

2 reviews
$13900 $20700
Chameleon Undies Bedwetting Pants

100 reviews
Step-up Insert

2 reviews
The Chameleon Insert

1 review
The Flat Insert

1 review
Wet Bags
From $1999