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How We Give Back

10% of every dollar we bring, on the gross, goes to charities. This is not 10% of our profit. In fact, our donations double our profit. We faithfully sit down twice a month and send donations. To date (although we may not update this list often) we have impacted the following places:

WASMOH - Woman of Substance, Men of Honor - WASMOH is best known for assembling and delivering Christmas gift bags to detention and foster youth. They bring joy and familiarity to incarcerated youth. 

Hands & Feet - A local monthly outreach, not only to feed the homeless, but to hang out with them as well. We meet at the Premier Inn, right up the street from Laura's home. 

Teen Challenge Teen Challenge of Southern California brings hope and healing to tens of thousands of men and women trapped in drug and alcohol abuse. Their main facility was burned to the ground in the Ventura County Thomas Fires, but they continue to meet in alternative facilities while they rebuild. 

Jake's Diapers Jake’s Diapers, Inc. solves diaper need for infants, elderly and those with special needs. All our returned product is donated to Jake's Diapers. In additional, Super Undies undertakes special manufacturing efforts to provide adult diapers in large quantities for disaster impacted areas like Haiti and Puerto Rico. 

Hands and Feet Food Pantry - This is a local organization effort through various churches that offer free food to low income families and the homeless. 

Homeless Work Opportunities - Super Undies and Threaded Armor give our motivated homeless friends the opportunity for work, to help slowly be reintroduced to the working force. We give them a set schedule, set tasks and personal requirements to meet in order to serve in this capacity. Basic tasks like cleaning and cutting ribbon and elastic are given to help build their self esteem and confidence.