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Multi-Use Functionality

  • Can be beefed up with absorbent liners to create a custom diaper 💪
  • Doubles as a swim diaper 💦
  • Use for that time of the month 🗓
  • Can be worn over a disposable as additional protection 😎
  • Goes to school with your child and looks like underwear ❤️

Smooth Inside

For kiddos with sensory sensitivities

Fits Big!

Our Size 4 can fit up to 120 lbs!

Bedwetting Diaper Liner

Step-it Up!

Use Step-Up Inserts to take these from trainers to diapers and back

❤️ Absorbent, trim, and waterproof ❤️

Special Undies are Incognito Waterproof Diapers Made Specifically For The Special Needs Community

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