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How To Potty Train E-Course


It Might Just be Time To Potty Train!

And if so, I'm so excited for you! In this course you'll learn... 

Is it time for me to potty train? 

Can I potty train at 2? 3? 4??

What are the signs or potty training readiness?

What's the difference between "parent-led" and "child-led" potty training?

Why do kids start Potty Training and do well, then pretend like they don't know what you're talking about in a week or two and pee on the floor constantly? 

Exactly HOW do I Potty Train?

What are some good potty training incentives?

Should I use the big potty or a mini-potty?

What's the difference between potty training and potty learning?

Can I use diapers when I'm potty training?

Should I use Training Pants?

Whats the difference between trainers?

How can I finally be done with potty training?