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How To Potty Train E-Course


It Might Just be Time To Potty Train!

And if so, I'm so excited for you! Super Undies has been a blessing to me, and I've used the resources it's given me to give back to you! I've made a concise video course on how to potty train, and I'm giving it away for free :) Why?

Because I wish 20 year old me knew what 40 year me knew! 

(And because while I was praying and asking God how I could help others, this is the idea that came to mind... so can I say that God told me to? Yes. Yes I can.)

You'll learn... 

Is it time for me to potty train? 

Can I potty train at 2? 3? 4??

What are the signs or potty training readiness?

What's the difference between "parent-led" and "child-led" potty training?

Why do kids start Potty Training and do well, then pretend like they don't know what you're talking about in a week or two and pee on the floor constantly? 

Exactly HOW do I Potty Train?

What are some good potty training incentives?

Should I use the big potty or a mini-potty?

What's the difference between potty training and potty learning?

Can I use diapers when I'm potty training?

Should I use Training Pants?

Whats the difference between trainers?

How can I finally be done with potty training?