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You can't control everything


With Chameleon Undies

Incredibly Absorbent

Whether your bedwetter is a leaky faucet or a fire hose, the Chameleon adapts to cover your child's pee-pattern 🤩

Bedwetting Diapers

Extremely Waterproof

Leg locking gussets hold wetness in place


Chameleon Undies Beat Disposables in Absorbency Tests

  • Disposables have fixed absorbency, so you are powerless against leaks with heavy wetters.
  • Our absorbency is flexible and expandable!
  • Wash them with any load of laundry and just reuse them!


Chameleon Undies: Size 3

$4495 $5495


How Absorbent Are These?

Compare the absorbency levels of our various diapers agaisnt each other. You can always add in a Step-up Insert to boost that soaking power!

Does Cloth Really Save Money?

Check out the investment above on what people spend on disposable diapers vs cloth. Remember, you get less diapers per pack as the size increases!

What If These Leak?

Chamelon Undies were made to move with your child. Your kiddo's pee pattern is as unique as them, and our absorbency system accomodates whatever they can pee out! If your undies are leaking just add more absorbency!

What if they don't fit?

Just email us for return instructions and grab another size. BUT our patterns are pretty generous, fitting a child for up to three years, so chances are it will fit 😉