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$50 and I don't buy diapers anymore, Ever?

Brain Trainers for Bedwetting

$4495 $5495

29 reviews

Specifically designed For Heavy Bedwetters

  • Outrageous absorbency included!  Comes with 1 built in liner and 1 extra liner that can change positions to cover your child's pee pattern. Need more soaking power? Just use another liner!

  • Reduce Landfill Waste and Never Buy Disposables Again

  • Leg locking gussets prevent wetness from escaping

  • Waterproof guards at top of the tummy and back area prevent leaks from back or tummy sleepers

  • Simple Washing Instructions Included

  • Brain Training Bedwetting Pants are made to order it the USA, in the colors colors or your choosing.

  • Here's How Our Magic Brain Training Method Works...

  • Use cloth bedwetting pants specially designed for heavy wetting (Super Undies Brain Trainers)
    This will ensure all wetness stays on the inside of the diaper - providing heightened sensory feedback.

  • Sensory Feedback provides necessary neuro-stimulation to help the sleeping brain wake up

  • Every three weeks we ask that you diaper the bed rather than the child. Do not use any diaper protection and let them pee the bed.

  • This change in the bedwetting pattern feeds the brain new information, which strengthens the brain-to-body connection.

  • Overtime your child will start to wake up dry 🤩 
    This gradual and effective process works for kids, whether they are four or fourteen.

    Reduce Laundry Even More And Get Free Stuff!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 29 reviews
    No more wet furniture!

    I purchased size 2 for my 3 year old (who is middle weight for his age), but they also fit my skinny 4 year old. During the day I use just the chameleon undie for my 3 year old who is potty training and treats a pull up just like a diaper. He isn't as displeased as I would have hoped with the wet feeling, but the carseats and furniture are do not require daily washing due to accidents. These are well worth the money for how much less stressful accidents have gotten for me! These also wash well - I have been washing daily per the instructions for about a month and they work as well as ever. I also use the product over regular diapers at night (my kids are both heavy wetters) and I no longer have to wash the bedding daily which is a huge win.

    Works for nap and bedtime!

    We switched from our cloth prefolds with covers to these for bed and naptime once our 2 year old was potty trained during the day. She said these were a lot more comfortable and she doesn't pull at them like she started to with her regular cloth diapers. It's great that you can add as much absorbency that is needed. Wonderful!

    Elisha G.
    Great quality and absorbency

    We purchased these for our 4 year old special needs child who was 44 lbs as a replacement for disposables at night. These have worked great and allowed our kiddo to sleep through the night without wetness or chafing. There is a little bit of shrinkage due to the cotton material, but overall these are a great product and would recommend to anyone looking for an alternative to disposables.

    We found our solution!

    I have full time cloth diapered 3 children and have been in the game for 8 years now. Believe me when I say these are quality diapers. I have tried a number of cloth pull ups in search of a night time solution for my 8 year old. Some wore out in less than a year (as they where all in one soaker and liner). Most where very tight and wouldn't hold up all night. I took a leap of faith purchasing 3 of the hero bedwetters. My daughter is 55 pounds, 52inches. Size 8-10. I ordered size 3 and they are a perfect fit. She was SO excited when she tried them on. They are softer than soft. With fleece lined leg holes and fine mesh on the soaker. I like that the soakers snap into the liner so you can line dry the liner (this helps them last longer). Each Chameleon Undies set came with one soaker and one booster which was plenty of absorbency for my kiddo. If you are in search of a bedtime diaper for your big kid, don't hesitate on these Chameleon Undies. They are well worth the price. I'd also like to add this company is by mommas and the customer service is excellent. I originally ordered size 4 as my kid is between sizes but sized down at the last minute before shipment and had no issues whatsoever. My email was answered in less than half an hour and the change was made.

    And rew
    Easy to use

    I love the ease of adjusting the absorbency of both the super undies In size medium. I have over 15 pairs and counting