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$50 and I don't buy diapers anymore, Ever??

Help Your Child Wake Up Dry

Train The Brain with Chameleon Undies

Brain Training Bedwetting Pants

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102 reviews

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Brain Training Bedwetting Pants - Opal / Size 1 is on it's way in. Please allow extra days for shipping.

Specifically designed For Heavy Bedwetters

  • Outrageous absorbency included!  Comes with 1 built in liner and 1 extra liner that can change positions to cover your child's pee pattern. Need more soaking power? Just use another liner!

  • Reduce Landfill Waste and Never Buy Disposables Again

  • Leg locking gussets prevent wetness from escaping

  • Waterproof guards at top of the tummy and back area prevent leaks from back or tummy sleepers

  • Simple Washing Instructions Included

  • Brain Training Bedwetting Pants are made to order it the USA, in the colors colors or your choosing. 

  • Here's How Our Magic Brain Training Method Works...

  • Use cloth bedwetting pants specially designed for heavy wetting (Super Undies Brain Trainers)
    This will ensure all wetness stays on the inside of the diaper - providing heightened sensory feedback.

  • Sensory Feedback provides necessary neuro-stimulation to help the sleeping brain wake up

  • Every three weeks we ask that you diaper the bed rather than the child. Do not use any diaper protection and let them pee the bed.

  • This change in the bedwetting pattern feeds the brain new information, which strengthens the brain-to-body connection.

  • Overtime your child will start to wake up dry 🤩 
    This gradual and effective process works for kids, whether they are four or fourteen.

    Reduce Laundry Even More And Get Free Stuff!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 102 reviews
    Eugenia Wolfe
    Best ones found...

    These are the best night time underwear I have found for children. Trust me I've tried lots of different ones in my motherhood journey.

    kate Pennacchio
    Good, more environmentally-friendly option for older kids

    Our 9-year-old son sleeps incredibly hard (through fire alarms, earth quakes, etc) and prior to switching to Super Undies, was dry overnight maybe once a month. His dr says he'll eventually outgrow this problem but it was so disheartening (& guilt-inducing) buying box after box of pull-ups. We have been using Super Undies for about a month now and while we've had two nights where he leaked through and had to change bedding, he's usually dry or mostly dry now. Unfortunately, he still doesn't wake even when he's wet, but we're hopeful that this product will eventually help train his brain to wake up to use the bathroom instead of peeing while he sleeps. It seems to be doing something since he's having mostly dry nights now! Our son is slim and small-ish for his age and wears a size 3 with an added insert.


    Very soft materials and well constructed. Really great absorbance.

    Kimberly Strunk
    Working for us!

    These seem to working for us so far!!! They are a bit bulky and I was concerned that my 5 year old wouldn’t wear them. However, he has no issues at all. They are very soft and that must outweigh the bulkiness. I also talked it up and told him that these will help teach his brain to not pee in the bed anymore. The first night we had no leaks and the other 2 nights, he woke up dry. The first night he told me that he felt himself pee but it was comfortable enough to go back to sleep. We discussed if he wakes up again to try to stop peeing and go the bathroom. I’m so hopeful that this is the answer!! They are expensive but they are high quality and if it works, then it’s worth every penny!

    Trella Oyler
    These are fantastic!

    These are fantastic! Work very well for my 5 yr old. I’m not changing sheet, and that’s awesome!