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$50 and I don't buy diapers anymore, Ever??

Brain Training Bedwetting Pants

$4499 $5495

102 reviews

Specifically designed For Heavy Bedwetters

  • Outrageous absorbency included!  Comes with 1 built in liner and 1 extra liner that can change positions to cover your child's pee pattern. Need more soaking power? Just use another liner!

  • Reduce Landfill Waste and Never Buy Disposables Again

  • Leg locking gussets prevent wetness from escaping

  • Waterproof guards at top of the tummy and back area prevent leaks from back or tummy sleepers

  • Simple Washing Instructions Included

  • Brain Training Bedwetting Pants are made to order it the USA, in the colors of your choosing.

Here's How Our Magic Brain Training Method Works...

  • Use cloth bedwetting pants specially designed for heavy wetting (Super Undies Brain Trainers)
    This will ensure all wetness stays on the inside of the diaper - providing heightened sensory feedback.

  • Sensory Feedback provides necessary neuro-stimulation to help the sleeping brain wake up

  • Every three weeks we ask that you diaper the bed rather than the child. Do not use any diaper protection and let them pee the bed.

  • This change in the bedwetting pattern feeds the brain new information, which strengthens the brain-to-body connection.

Overtime your child will start to wake up dry 🤩 
This gradual and effective process works for kids, whether they are four or fourteen.

Reduce Laundry Even More And Get Free Stuff!