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How To Potty Train A Toddler

How To Potty Train

Start With Knowledge

Potty Training is a mindset, not just a thing to do. Training anyone, husbands included 🤣, starts with clear expectations of what you want out of that person. 

In short, you want your child to stop peeing and pooping in their pants, and to self initiate using the toilet. But let's set those expectations in the right place. You can teach a kid to use the toilet in a day or three, but to transfer complete ownership to the child (self initiate using the potty) can take 6 months. 

That's why its a mindset!

Make it Safe To Potty Training

We're all about being fearless here, but I don't want you to launch into potty training ignorant of best practices, what could go wrong, and how not to quit. We will examine the following, and when you can confidently understand to these items - then proceed without caution!
  • Your child will enjoy potty training at first, then pretend it was never a thing
  • Daytime potty training is different then bedwetting. Your child can be daytime potty trained but still wet the bed for years. It's not their fault. 
  • You cannot effectively potty train with disposable diapers, even if those disposables say "training pants" on them.
  • In most cases it is easier to potty train before or around 24 months old. (before the fiercely independent streak takes hold) 
  • Promoting some independence in your child outside of the potty training realm will help equip them (and you) for a smoother potty training experience by proving to them (and you) that they are capable of learning and owning new things!
  • Using waterproof trainers will hold a high level of wetness on the child's side, while limiting any consequence to the household (wet couches, carseats etc.) They also make sustaining potty training for a prolonged time manageable. 

I want you to feel REALLY comfortable with your future potty training endeavors, so I've expounded on these points here for you 😊

Equip Yourself and Your Kiddo

Potty doesn't require much, but there are some things to make your life much easier. Having an inexpensive way to potty training out of the house (think toilet access on the road, at the park, in the grocery store) can be a game changer.

You'll want to understand the difference between training pants, why disposables won't work, and if you even need trainers. 

You'll also want to have a nicely equipped diaper bag... well, is a potty bag now though isn't it?

Potty Training Equipment

Here's The Potty Training Plan

Like in all things worth doing in life, having a plan in place is crucial to success. I give you full permission to modify this plan to meet your families needs. I call it filtering the information through the lense of your family

I've laid out the entire potty training plan for you here, and please pay close attention to the section on Setting Expectations. 

 The Potty Training Plan

Get Ready For What Can Go Wrong! 

So many things can go wrong 🤦🏻‍♀️

✔️ Accidents in the airport 

✔️ Diarrhea in the grocery store

✔️ Emergency peeing while driving

✔️ Severe tummy bug running through the family rendering all coherent adults incapable of assisting a potty training child... 

You name it, and it can happen! 

Being prepared for what can go wrong can seriously reduce the tole it will take on you. You will be a stronger potty training ninja if you mentally plan for these things before they surprise you in the face. 

I've got you covered  Read more details of what can go wrong an what you can do about it here