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Equip Yourself and Your Kiddo to Potty Train

Listed in order from "absolutely necessary" to "It would be nice to have"

1. The Mini Potty

I know I talk often about the mini potty you should have in your home. There are many, many brands and styles to choose from so here’s what you want to look for in a tiny toilet.

A Wide Base

You want the potty to be sturdy and comfortable for your toddler. They should feel secure and it shouldn’t wobble on the fl oor. A low-to-the-ground toilet with a wide base gives kids the feeling and position they need to help copy a squat. If they are sitting for a long time, you want something comfortable, as well.

A Dump Cup 

2. A Packed & Ready Potty Training Bag

3. Cloth Training Pants

*Disposable pull-ups can hinder your potty training process

They are just way too good at absorbing. In fact, a pull-up is nothing more than a diaper without the adhesive side tabs, and it is necessary to separate your child  from diapers. See, a child has a psychological bond to their diaper. They’ve been in it as long as they can remember. Since day one - it was there. As long as you have been there for them - so has their diaper. If you give them a virtually identical item to replace something and expecting them to learn an entirely different way of living, it's just not going to work. 

*Pull-ups are crutches for the parent.

Parents are afraid of what can go wrong, and that disposable is their safety net. Let's punch fear in the face, so can get over needing a pull-up!

HERE  - START HERE Modern cloth trainers can give you what you need




have come a long way! Super Undies is the most developed, thought out training pant out there I assure you that they are much more effective in potty training than pull-ups. Cloth Trainers In order for training pants to be an effective transitional tool, they must meet the following criteria: • Trim fi tting. • Mildly absorbent. • Underwear-like in appearance. • Causes the child to feel wet when used. 105 Examining the criteria above, you can see two things: why disposables do not fi t the bill in any form and that trainers must truly bridge that gap between diaper and underwear. Each criteria sits somewhere between a diaper and underwear— absorbent, but kind of, not fully like a diaper. The slight padding of training pants is very helpful to sensitive children because they mimic the same feeling that their diaper already has. Typically, the padding in a cloth trainer is the same thickness as an unused disposable, so the garment feels good to the child. The kicker comes later when he pees and feels it!

  • Trim Fitting
  • Mildly Absorbent
  • Underwear-like Appearance
  • A Wet Feel For Sensory Development


4. A Faucet Extender

Transitioning From Mini-Potty to Toilet