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Laundry Garment Bag


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This light weight mesh bag is perfect for washing super undies and making sure Your Super Undies stay SUPER!  These bags can be used for washing Pull-on Undies, Hero Undies, Nighttime Undies and all adult product. Use one bag per pair of Super Undies. Using a garment bag is absolutely necessary when washing the Nighttime Undies*.

Did you know that even used Super Undies have a high resale value? That’s right! Parents will pay as much as 75% of the retail value of a Super Undies in good used condition, so taking care of your trainers can reap a reward! Keep your trainers nice and neat by using laundry garment bags, then put them up for sale on our Buy/Sell/Trade page!

*An agitator of a washing machine, or even the constant swirling motion on the wash cycle, can cause the internal attached insert to tug behind the rest of the undies. This puts strain on the stay-stitch of the insert, and can eventually damage that stitch. Any damage caused like this will not affect the performance of the undies. The laundry bag will help hold the attached external insert in place and reduce the risk of the insert tugging at the material of the Nighttime Undies.