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Sensory Feedback - The Magic Disposable Diapers CAN'T Give You

Stop Bedwetting

by Training The Brain.

Kids have '1' chance a night to learn, and they need a BIG catalyst to make that happen. Feeling the wetness is absolutely necessary, but getting the bed wet is NOT. Waterproof gussets on all sides redirect the wetness back to the absorbent core - heightening that wet feeling!

Bedwetting Pants That Feel Wet

This is crucial for training the brain to associate the feeling of wetness with the need to use the toilet - daytime or nighttime

AND are SUPER Waterproof

Heavy waterproofing plus heavy absorbency equals no leaks, and keeps wetness on the brain's side.

WITH Adjustable Absorbency

These things can hold back the Hoover Dam!

Got leaks? Just add a Step-up Insert!

Potty Train Toddler

If you've been potty training with disposable pull-ups, then you know that they don't work! There is no wet sensation, and most importantly, no natural consequence.

These trainers are waterproof (of course) look like underwear, and can elevate your potty training game!

Potty Train a Big Kid

Trim and discrete, these diapers blend in with your average every day undies.

They're Most Like regular Undies, only Waterproof and Padded!

Choose from Pull-on Style or Quick Release Snaps.

Diaper a Big Kid

Sometimes we're not ready to potty train, or we're just not going to.

Choose between the Bedwetting Brain Trainers for the highest level of protection the world has to offer, or pick from our Special Undies line, and use additional lining to boost absorbency. One pair of Special undies and two Step-up Inserts equals the absorbency of a diaper.