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How do you go from wet beds to dry mornings?

Are you in search of a genuine solution that truly works?
We understand how challenging bedwetting is for both children and their parents, because I was in your shoes. All three of my children wet the bed. I never thought it was a big deal, but they did.

I've heard my children say things like

"Mom, I'm really sorry," and

"What's wrong with me?"

I even had my little one ask,

"Mom, can you teach me how to do laundry, and I'll try to take care of it for you?"

Then, at the age of 6, my son came to me and said, "I don't want to wear baby diapers anymore!" His words hit me hard when he insisted that disposables were essentially the same as baby diapers, just larger. He was right, and it broke my heart.

That's when the realization hit me

Disposables were never going to help my son overcome bedwetting.

They were merely a temporary fix, pacifying the issue without a clear end in sight. Drawing from my rich background in cloth diapering, I made the connection between "feeling wet" and successful potty learning.

  • Cloth-diapered children would tend to potty train faster because they receive crucial sensory feedback when they void.

  • Disposables, on the other hand, deprive children of this sensory feedback.

Applied to bedwetting, I found some truth in the idea that disposables contributed to prolonging bedwetting.

**That's where Super Undies entered the picture.**

We were determined to address bedwetting head-on. With over 20 years of experience in the field of cloth diaper manufacturing, we have emerged as the premier reusable bedwetting solution, and our method works.