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Potty Training Through Parenting Book

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Whether there is an imbalance of power in your home between child and adult, or you just need some really solid “how-to” advice, this book is sure to help! 

From Laura - 

Whenever I’m out and about and people ask me what I do, I tell them I am a potty training educator. It’s remarkable how most of them have a modern-day, relevant situation! Either their own toddler is potty training, or their grandchild is potty training. And then comes the same question from everyone: What’s your biggest piece of advice for me?

I always give them a quick, two-minute answer using the best of my knowledge I have at hand, but that’s only because I know they need real, practical advice for that moment. Hopefully, you have some time and are not in a potty training crisis. My real piece of advice is this: Take time to prepare. Read this book in its entirety.

There are a ton of potty training aid books and bits out there, some telling you there is one method that works for all and some telling you that potty training takes twenty-four hours, but this book is different. It’s full of practical parenting wisdom that can change how you teach your child, not just train them. It teaches you how to think things through with your child’s end goal in mind, which is making them a great human governed by the morals and values of their parents. I’m happy to go on this journey with you, and I’m really excited to help you glean new insights about your amazing child! God has made each of us so unique and wonderful, and I hope to help you look into the heart of your child and find the best potty training method for your little one, yourself, and your family.