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What is the difference between the Nighttime and Hero Undies?

We offer two styles of bedwetting underwear. The Nighttime Undies are an all-in-one, simple and absorbent underwear designed for comfort in mind. They work for most kids. Hero Undies are a deconstructed, more heavy duty nighttime solution that have a snap in absorbent insert set, waterproof leg and waist gussets, and an incredible 20% increase in absorbency. Hero Undies became the ultimate solution for Super Soakers and tummy sleepers. Their deconstructed manner traded the simple all-in-one style convenience for desperately needed features. They were designed for the few  super soakers out there that can leak through anything.


Here are reasons to use either of these undies. Hopefully they can help you make your decision.

Nighttime Undies:

  • Your toddler is daytime potty training and you want to help them night train as well.
  • Your child wets the bed 2-3 times a week
  • Your child uses disposables but you want a more eco-friendly alternative.
  • Your child seems very sensative to things (tags cut from clothing, refuses certain shoes, is picky about what they wear)
Hero Undies:
  • Your child leaks through disposables
  • Your child seems like a heavy wetter


nighttime underwear for bedwetting and night time potty training
bedwetting pants for heavy bed wetting

Nighttime Undies       

Hero Undies


Absorbency Included






Layers of absorbency






How much absorbency


200-360 ml


350-550 ml


Waistband Style


Fluffy Fleece


Boxer Style