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Nighttime Undies for Overnight Bedwetting

You're looking for a simple, reusable solution for bedwetting, and we've got that!

Kid wearing bedwetting protective underwear


This cutie is wearing a pair of Nighttime Undies. They pull-on and off, and are easy enough for a child to use independently. Check out how they are made inside.... 


The first option is called the Nighttime Undies

This is an all-in-one style, simple, bedwetting solution that pulls up and down. It is perfect for kiddos who are nighttime potty training, or for kids who wet the bed a few days a week. 

The second option is called the Hero Undies

We made these to hold the Hover Dam. They are a beefy two-piece system where your absorbency snaps into a waterproof shell. This solution was made for the 10% of kiddos who leaked out of the Nighttime Undies. If you suspect your kiddo to be a heavy wetter... You Need A Hero ;) 

Which style do you think you need? Don't worry about colors yet.

Nighttime Undies for Kids who wet the bed          Hero Undies for overnight bedwetting in older children
Nighttime Undies          or         Hero Undies?