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Get The Right Size - Guaranteed!

size help for bedwetting pants

We know that getting your size right can be a burden, especially when you can't try the Undies on. By sharing the details of your child’s measurement, we will make a recommendation personalized to your child’s measurements.

When purchasing the size we recommend we're guaranteeing that it will fit, or we will pay shipping both ways in the exchange process. 

To guarantee your order, choose which product you are looking at... 

Toddler Potty Training Pants  Chameleon Bedwetting Undies Special Needs Undies / Big Kid Diapers


What is a good fit?

  • A good fit is not so snug that you cannot fit 2 fingers inside the waist or leg bands. 
  • Your underwear may sit below the belly button, and still provide a good fit and leakproof experience. 
  • The underwear should not leave red marks on your child. 

If you've received a guaranteed sizing recommendation and find that the Undies do not fit, please email rightsize@superundies.com with your order number and a description of the sizing issue. Do not use the product. This guarantee is for underwear in new/unused condition only.

We will provide you a returned shipping label. When we receive the return you will receive a gift card code for replacement of your order, including the amount of our standard shipping, making your replacement process free of charge.  This guarantee covers the buyer for 1 exchange event, and is good for 2 weeks from form submittal. 

This sizing recommendation guarantees a good fit, which is defined above. If you experience leaking issues, please contact us so we can help you trouble shoot.