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$50 and I don't buy diapers anymore, Ever??

AND they help my kiddo learn to stop bedwetting?

For Training The Brain to Overcome Bedwetting you Need the Chameleon Undies


Kids have '1' chance a night to learn, and they need a BIG catalyst to make that happen. Feeling the wetness is absolutely necessary, but getting the bed wet is NOT. Waterproof gussets on all sides redirect the wetness back to the absorbent core - heightening that wet feeling!

Check it out...

Bedwetting Underwear

Feel the Wetness

This is crucial for training the brain to associate the feeling of wetness with the need to use the toilet - daytime or nighttime

SUPER Waterproof

Heavy waterproofing plus heavy absorbency equals no leaks, and keeps wetness on the inside.

Adjustable Absorbency?

No matter how much of a heavy wetter your kiddo, These undies hold back the Hoover Dam! Add more Step-up Inserts if nedded :)