Bedwetting and Nighttime Potty Training Protection

  • Soft fleece waistband for maximum comfort
  • Includes two microfiber inserts for maximum customizable absorbency
  • Made for overnight comfort in mind
  • Allows child to feel the wetness, creating brain-to-body connection, helping them night train faster


Financially Wise

Save money over disposables.
Super Undies can be reused for years, and pay for themselves about 1.5 months

Peace of Mind

Help your kiddo feel better. 
The stigma of plastic diapers  make kids feel like a baby. Cloth can help normalize this. 

Earth Friendly

This planet has been through enough. 
Committing to a reusable bedwetting solution is a way you can do your part in preserving your home.  

Chameleon Undies Bedwetting Pants and Big Kid Diapers

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nighttime underwear for bedwetting