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Why Is Potty Training Scary?

Why Is Potty Training So Scary, Anyway?

Because Baby's didn't come with a manual!

Our adorable little baby is now a toddler, checking out the entire world! Some of you may be at the point where your child is testing everything, including your limits!

Some of you may even be beyond that, where your child is digging in his heels and demanding or resisting. And so you find yourself in a place where potty training is essential and mandatory, whether it is now or in a matter of months. 

Why Is Potty Training Scary?

Why Is Potty Training Scary?

The scariest part of potty training is nothing more than the unknown; it is what doesn’t exist yet. How will you start? How will your child react? How long will it take? You may have heard some horror stories. Will you have one of your own?

The best thing you can do to help yourself is to prepare, plan, and take the time to understand all the intricacies of what is happening in your child’s physical and mental development. Learn the best planning practices for potty training and then decide on the method that’s right for you! We can also help demystify potty training. Just take our free How To Potty Train e-Course!

But, a secondary fear in potty training is definitely, “What if my child just won’t do what I say?”

Scared To Potty Train

Great question and one you should tackle before you start! In my seminars, I often teach parents to test their child’s compliance levels and work on those battles off the potty training playing field. I even write about how to fight with them! Testing compliance before potty training is the best help you can give yourself. A kid who listens and follows directions will be easier to guide through this process.

If You're Scared To Potty Train, Do This

Education empowers others through knowledge, and undoes fear. Laura Woj, The Scaredy cat Potty Trainer can help you "Punch Potty Training Fear In The Face" with her free educational series on How To Potty Train. That's it!