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Potty train with what works..
Not Disposables 🤣

Waterproof Undies w/Snaps; Twirl


Twirl Waterproof Undies are the perfect solution for your special needs children who require diapering, have sensory challenges, or are diagnosed with Autism. They feature a snug, soft fit for easy changes and the reliable, secure fastening system of snaps. Enjoy worry-free protection along with the convenience of a super-absorbent inner layer. Potty train when YOU'RE ready!

Our Snap-on Undies have the following features…

  • Waterproof Wet zone – Whew!
  • Stretchy Side Tabs – Your hero can operate them himself!
  • Inner absorbency – But not too much or we miss the mark!
  • Hidden pocket – Whew! Now we can add more absorbency in these instead of going back into a diaper.
Waterproof Underwear for kids with special needs

Adjustable absorbency

padding is included, but beef these babies up to be a full on diaper if needed!

Waterproof Underwear for kids with special needs

Snap off!

For those accidents we knew might happen.