Refundable Rental Deposit


A deposit is required for each rental item you sign up for. We only require a deposit for one reason... 

So people don't rent the item for $1 and never return it.

We trust our customers and want to make a safe way for them to try the product without the expense of committing. You can try multiple styles to compare them, or even use this service to get the right size.  For each day you hold the item beyond your rental agreement we will deduct $1/day from your deposit, until the deposit is has been exhausted. At this point you may keep the item. No refund of deposit will be granted and any item sent in will be returned to sender. 

In the event you send an item back and it does not reach us we will still refund your deposit if you purchased delivery confirmation, and delivery confirmation states the package was received by the post office. This protects you against theft, and costs lest than insurance. It's another way we want to make it easy for you to try Super Undies and Threaded Armor. Delivery confirmation must state that the package was received by the post office. Purchasing a label from us ensures delivery confirmation and will allow you to track the package back.