Cotton Nighttime Undies Trainers; Pink


Sometimes you just gotta do something different. Night time potty training pants provide you a comfy, cozy alternative to plastic scratchy pants!

Our night time potty training pants can be reused. Just toss em in the wash with a load you're already doing, and move on with your life! Let the night time potty training pants do the training, mama! All you can do to help is make your kid feel wet (hopefully waking them up a bit) when they pee. This will create a connection between the body process and the brain, which is the key to night time potty training. That's it! Just replace your disposables with night time potty training pants.

Night Time Potty Training Pants; Carefully Crafted

Layers of brilliantly crafted absorbency keep these things comfortably padded, and allows them to wash cleanly and dry thoroughly. A waterproof wrapping holds wetness in while a specialized smooth layer against the skin lets your daughter feel wet. Check Out The Inner Workings Of These Night Time Potty Training Pants!

Our night time potty training pants are made by work at home Mama's in small batches, right here in America. If you see something you like, Just find your size and grab your favorite color before it's gone. We can't quite predict when more of one thing will come in. 

And what about washing? It's easy! Click here to get the scoop... When you switch from disposables to cloth, you are helping your child night time potty train in the best way possible. You are letting them FEEL the wetness, while everything else stays dry!

Made in American
100% Polyester
Choices that state "cotton" are 100% polyester outer and 100% cotton absorbency inside

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