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Feel wet, Stay Dry with Nighttime Underwear For Toddlers (and bigger kids too!)

Nighttime Underwear for toddlers are an outstanding replacement for UnderJams or GoodNites. They are an all-in-one heavily padded, waterproof underwear developed for children to use overnight when they are night training. Four layers of absorbency are intricately crafted by super-talented seamstress mama's, all from the comfort of their own home. Check Out How These Nighttime Underwear For Toddlers Are So Different From The Competition!

They work excellent for boys or girls, and even have some clever adjustments you can use to set them exactly to your needs. Not all boys will need the front folded, but the option is there! Our Nighttime Underwear for toddlers also have a build in size adjustment in the waistband to help you get a good fit and let these undies last longer.

Any Nighttime Underwear for toddlers should be very absorbent and accommodate whatever your child can put out without leaking, but still allow the child to feel wet. This helps create the brain/body connection necessary to work through nighttime potty training, and that's exactly what either pair of our bedwetting options do.

What about washing reusable nighttime underwear for toddlers?

It's easy! Click for for quick instructions. All our undies are made in American, lovingly crafted by mamas who sew. They get toward out of their home and ship us what they can when they fill a box. Because of this unique way of manufacturing, we can't guarantee when any specific style size will be coming in, so if you see something you like, grab it before it's gone! You can check your sizing here

Made in American
100% Polyester
Choices that state "cotton" are 100% polyester outer and 100% cotton absorbency inside

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