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How To Potty Train At Night

Step 1 - Switch To Cloth

Start by using cloth, rather than disposables. You cannot effectively potty train at night if you mask the wet feeling. Your brain only has one chance per night to make the connection between the feeling of a full bladder and the wetness that follows, so make sure you do not deny it that opportunity.

Step 2 - Make Sure Your Child Gets Extra Sleep

There is a place in the brain that stays awake while you sleep called the Thalamus. It is in charge of releasing ADH (Anti-diuretic hormone) which ensures you don’t eliminate in your sleep. When your body isn’t rested well enough, the Thalamaus doesn't have the needed energy to stay awake, so you don't get that crucial ADH necessary to stop the production of urine while you sleep. When you bladder fills, it has to release. Getting thirty more minutes of sleep per night for a few weeks can be enough to restore your sleep tank and stop bedwetting. It is also a great indicator for if your kiddo is going to wet the bed tonight. Busy exhausted day? Yup, it's happening. There are a ton of other reasons why sleep is important, so you might as well give it a shot!

Step 3 - Light Up The Bathroom

You might be shocked to find out that one major cause of nighttime bedwetting is simply a fear of the dark. Making your child feel safe to go to the bathroom when no one is around can be very impactful in your nighttime potty training efforts. Install night lights low in their room to light their foot path. Keep a nightlight plugged in in the bathroom and if possible, install a toilet light to light the bowl and give your child an easy way of aiming.

Step 4 - Occasionally Have Your Child Sleep Bare-butted

When a child pees at night and the wetness is caught in the diaper, whether cloth or disposable, it is held close to the body. That limits the cause and effect feeling. If you want a real “wake up” effect, having nothing will give that to you! Sure, you have to diaper the bed instead. Sure, you have to wash a blanket in the morning. Sure, you need to budget time for a bath or shower the next day, but this is all temporary. Have your child sleep bottomless for two to three days straight to kick in that waking-brain sensation. Remember, you only have one opportunity each night (usually) for the learning moment to happen, so these methods are not a one-night solution. You will need repetition for the solution to take hold. After a few days, if you don’t see any improvement, just go back to cloth overnight underwear and give this a shot in another month or so.

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