Cotton Nighttime Undies Trainers; Aqua


Kids can’t help wetting the bed when they are potty training at night, then have to wear baby diapers while they are trying desperately to be big kids! Super Undies takes kids out of scratchy disposables and puts them into soft, fluffy, waterproof bedwetting pants :) Cozy Nights For Everyone!

Are We Potty Training At Night?

Put them in cloth. Only cloth really helps your kiddos brain wake up when they pee at night, and that builds the brain/body connection necessary to potty train at night. It's a no brainer! Disposables hinder the process. Nighttime Undies are an outstanding replacement for UnderJams or GoodNites. They are an all-in-one heavily padded, waterproof underwear developed for children who are potty training at night. 

Check Out How These Things Look Inside!

Nighttime Undies work for boys and girls. We’ve built in some simple adjustments you can use to self modify them accordion got your needs. Not all boys will need the front folded, but the option is there! Nighttime Undies also have a build in size adjustment in the waistband to help you get a good fit and let these undies last longer. 

If you're potty training at night then you need training pants that are absorbent...

...and can accommodate whatever your child can put out - without leaking. They should definitely still let your kiddo feel wet! Super Undies are hand made in American, one at a time, by a few moms who decided to stay home and earn their own income, while still being with their babies. The prints and sizes you see here are what we've reenable to sew, but they are getting more and more popular with Covid (folks don't want to rely on disposables anymore). Grab the best prints in the size you need before they’re gone!

Made in American
100% Polyester
Choices that state "cotton" are 100% polyester outer and 100% cotton absorbency inside

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