Cushiony WeePOD; Perfect for at-home Training

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This seat is designed for the littlest of buns. 18 month old potty training? This is it! 

From the Guidance Guide

We did an extremely intensive potty training course with my son that involved A LOT of sitting on the toilet. It was important to me that he was comfortable, and didn't mind sitting there for extended periods. The Prince Lionheart Cushiony WeePOD is soft and comfy, and exactly what we needed. The size is perfect for little bums, and my son never felt like he was going to fall into the toilet. I love that this potty seat is adjustable, so by tightening or loosening the knob at the back, the seat will secure itself to the toilet seat. This ensures that it won't accidentally fall off when the child gets off or on.

There is also a ring on the back so you can hang it up after use, if you wish.Because this seat is so cushiony, it is much larger and more cumbersome than the majority of potty seats on the market.

It was not ideal for travel, so we ended up buying a new one to keep in the car for public bathroom visits. However, for strictly at-home use, I would recommend this seat in an instant!