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🎉 Chameleon Undies - Blueberry Size 1; 40% OFF! 🎉

$2997 $4995

92 reviews
Size 1

You can't control everything BUT YOU CAN CONTROL BEDWETTING With Chameleon Undies

Save Money, Stop Washing Sheets, and Save The Planet :)

  • Fully Waterproof
  • Absorbent Inserts INCLUDED!
  • Easy wash and fast dry times😎
  • Waterproof gussets on ALL SIDES redirect wetness to the padding, which LOCKS that water in place! NO LEAKS HERE, BABY!

Disposables have fixed absorbency, so you are powerless against leaks with heavy wetters.
Our absorbency is flexible and expandable!
Wash them with any load of laundry and just reuse them!


Each pair of Chameleon Undies comes with our 360° gusseted shell, a contoured double layer liner and a flex-fold liner.

You'll get 2 inserts with each pair of Chameleon undies, so wether your bedwetter is a leaky faucet or a fire hose, the Chameleon adapts to cover your child's pee-pattern  🤩

Ditch Disposable Diapers For Good!