Adult Nighttime Undies Rental, $1/day

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Deposit Required

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Now you can rent a pair (or more) of excellent conditioned underwear in the style and size of your choice! Just chose how long you want to try the undies for, then send it back in the provided addressed envelope when you're done. It's as simple as that!

We do require a deposit of the purchase price when you rent but you GET THAT BACK when you return the product. Want to keep it? No problem! We will refund your rental fee and keep the deposit if you choose to keep the product. This will save you the shipping cost back. If you already paid for return shipping, we will refund that as well. Don't forget to add your deposit to the cart or we will not ship your rental! This product is for rent, and must be postmarked for return on the date you choose with delivery confirmation. Our goal is to provide you with a comfortable, safe way to try something new without the liability of paying full price. We are honest in refunding your deposit. We want you to be able to experience these undies, so you can make the best informed decision for your family! 

Limit one rental per style/size. You may rent a size small and a size medium, but you may not rent multiple undies of the same size. Selecting the quantity above refers to how many days you wish to have the undies.

Rental Details and Agreement:

Rentals are valid in the USA only. You will receive a fully functional item in great to excellent condition, along with an addressed envelope for return. Return postage is not included. If you would like to purchase return postage from us you can do so here. We will provide you with a postage paid addressed envelope, that includes delivery confirmation. Simply place the clean rental item in the envelope and put it in your mailbox with the flag up, or hand it to your postman. 

Minimal rental period: 2 days

Maximum rental period: 45-65 days depending on item

Cost: $1 per day


Deposit: Variable. Deposit is equal to the price of the product, less $5. 

Coupons cannot be used towards rentals. Choose the day you wish to receive the undies and the time frame you wish to keep them. Pay shipping $4.95 shipping plus $1/day. You may return the item next day, which is a two day rental. Always use delivery confirmation when returning your item, insurance is not necessary.  You agree to launder the item, and return it without tears, postmarking it by your return day. You will not be charged for transit time. For each day you hold the item beyond your rental agreement we will deduct $1/day from your deposit, until the deposit is has been exhausted. At this point you may keep the item. No refund of deposit will be granted and any item sent in will be returned to sender. 

In the event you send an item back and it does not reach us we will still refund your deposit if you purchased delivery confirmation, and delivery confirmation states the package was delivered. This protects you against theft, and costs lest than insurance. Delivery confirmation must state that the package was received by the post office. Purchasing a label from us ensures delivery confirmation and will allow you to track the package back.