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These Adult Nighttime Undies are back by popular demand; sizing hasn’t changed, the waistband hasn’t change, the absorbency hasn’t changed either.

THIS SUBSCRIPTION IS FOR MONTHLY SUBSCRIBERS. When you subscribe your account allows you full control and flexibility. You can skip a month you don't love, OR keep your special discounted subscription pricing by "swapping" for another color! Lost weight? Congratulations! Change your size directly in your account. 

If you are NOT familiar with the Super Undies Nighttime Undies just check out the images above to see the details, and the details below for a further explanation of the product.

This is a pair of waterproof incontinence underwear that has the absorbency completely built into the underwear of the product.

Features include:

  • Four layers of built in microfiber absorbency;
  • A built-in pocket to add more absorbency, if needed;
  • A super fluffy waistband for a comfortable extended wear time;
  • Fluffy leg binding;
  • Waterproof side tabs backed in fluffy fleece, so comfy!

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