Special Needs Waterproof Underwear; Bigger and Absorbent

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Our pull-up training pants for incontinent kids with special needs can be used for delayed potty training, daytime diapering, and as a waterproof bigger cloth diapering option.  If you need a bigger diaper than the size 7 found in grocery stores for teen incontinence, this could be your answer! Super Undies specializes in helping with potty training autistic children by providing the necessary feeling of wetness.


  • Waterproof through the wet zone, front and back
  • Slim and trim appearance
  • *NEW* boxer/brief style waistband for discretion, even if they peak out. Lifestyle photos do not reflect this change. 
  • 2 layers of microfiber absorbency 
  • Internal pocket to add more absorbent liners 

If you need a super heavy duty special needs diaper that can hold a full-load, check out our Special Needs Pull-up Diapers. Or for a quick fix on getting more soaking power where you want it, check out our Soaker Bombs!