Hero Undies; Dumps and Trucks Size 1


Hero Undies; Dumps and Trucks Size 1 is backordered but it's on its way and will be shipping out soon :)

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Hero Undies: 

Hero Undies are DOUBLE waterproof, featuring all around gussets and 5 layers of absorbency. That’s well over your average cloth diaper or disposable diaper capacity. 

Hero Undies offer flexibility like no other. Our flexible absorbency system can covert the undies from daytime to nighttime, and back again, simply by adding or removing the step-up insert.  

Their sleek boxer-style waist band fits in perfectly with other clothes. Whether at school or a sleepover if another child sees the waist band they will be none-the wiser. 

Your kiddo can feel better about bedwetting if you take away the disposable baby-like diaper and give him a practical solution that looks more like real underwear.

Hero Undies will empower your child to own their situation by giving them full control over bedwetting, no longer relying on you to buy them expensive diapers, and you can rest easy knowing you’ve done your part to help the environment.