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Boys Training Underwear

Our Boys Training Underwear cause your kiddo to feel wet, which is absolutely necessary to build the brain-body connection when potty training. 

Boys Training Underwear Should Look Like Real Underwear

Training underwear are created for transitions. They send a message to our boys, "We're doing something different now!" That's why these Training underwear LOOK like regular underwear. They perfectly bridge the gap between diaper and underwear. They have a sleek, contoured pattern, giving a lower profile than other boys training underwear.

Boys Training Underwear Should Teach Independence

Our stretchy side tabs allow kids to easily pull them up and down by themselves, empowering them to own their potty training journey with less help from you. And because of their waterproof nature, but limited absorbency, if your boy pees in these it will create a "squishy-booty" effect, with all that wetness being held securely on their side. Now, that will build the brain-body connection faster, and teach natural consequences! Its like these Undies have partnered with you in potty training your son!


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So what does Super Undies give you that disposables don’t?

A game plan! Super Undies gives you a stress-free potty training experience by handing you a game plan on how to get the job done, start to finish. Just buy 2 or more pairs of Pull-on undies and get a  true “how-to-potty train guide” giving you a detailed game plan to entice your little one to be a willing participant in potty training.  

This game in fun, interactive and all-inclusive for your family! 

We will send you Potty Training Through Parenting. This 215 page e-book not only includes The Elimination Game but answers to the biggest topics in potty training,  like:

  • Potty Training Regression
  • How to Use Incentives
  • How to Empower Your Toddler, While Remaining in Power Yourself
  • Potty Training at Night
  • Potty Training Multiples
  • Potty Training Kids with Special Needs
  • Why Many Parents Start Then Quit

And MUCH more! 

 PLUS, you’ll get 5 Ways You Could be Potty Training Wrong

This information alone can shave at least days, maybe weeks, or even months off your potty training adventure by preventing common mistakes. 
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