Cotton Nighttime Undies Trainers; Dove

Size: Size 1

Kids hate having to wear baby diapers, but there's no getting around it... unless you have some sort of magical snuggly soft nighttime underwear. But wait... we do! These padded, waterproof Undies feel cozy, save the planet, and save the mattress :)

Nighttime Underwear

If you're looking to potty train, or just get through the night without disposables, then you need some nighttime underwear that work! THIS is literally what Super Undies was made for! We're birthed from the soggy mattresses of the city, forged in the fires of all that is waterproof! Don't let your mattress feel the wetness, let you're HERO feel the wetness- making that magical brain-to-body connection that helps kids stop bedwetting.

Get out of disposables and get into some Nighttime Underwear. We're an outstanding replacement for UnderJams or GoodNites. Check Out How These Things Look Inside!

And did you know these things are made in America? In the old days there used to be this type of craft called "sewing." Turns out, people still know how to do that RIGHT HERE on American soil! We found some AMAZINGLY talented seamstresses (who coincidentally are moms and just happen to have sewing machines at home.) These super talented ladies sew the complex labyrinth of specialized cloth that make the undies you see here. We get them in small batches throughout month. If you see something you like, grab it! And know that it was made with great love and care.

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Made in American
100% Polyester
Choices that state "cotton" are 100% polyester outer and 100% cotton absorbency inside

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