Cotton Nighttime Undies Trainers; Blueberry


Super Undies are training underwear for nighttime use, and are the perfect alternative to those disposable counterparts that don't help potty train. Why not? Disposables don't let the child feel wet, so you can't use them as training underwear for nighttime. They are only diapers. No training. Bummer, huh? But these are reusable, super comfy, padded waterproof underwear. They are the ultimate underwear for children to use overnight when they wet the bed, or for night training.

Super Undies are hand made in American by a small network of moms who want to stay home and earn their own income, while still being with their babies. The prints and sizes you see here are what we have available, so find your size and get what you like before it's gone!

What makes our training underwear for nighttime so special?

Well, for starters, they are WAY more than just underwear! Check Out The Functionality Built in! But that's not all. We've worked in some additional adjustments that can really help boys. Click here to see what I mean! You can modify them to suit your needs. Not all boys will need the front folded, but the option is there! Our Training underwear for nighttime also have a built in size adjustment in the waistband to help you get a good fit and make these undies last longer.

Nighttime training pants should be very absorbent and accommodate whatever your child can put out without leaking, but still allow the child to feel wet. This helps create the brain/body connection necessary to work through nighttime potty training, and that's exactly what these training underwear for nighttime do. 


Made in American
100% Polyester Waterproof Shell
100% cotton absorbency inside

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